Forms of Distance Learning


Many of the courses offered are online, and can come in different forms. The most common is by logging into the course management system, Canvas, where you can access all the resources for your course, participate on discussion boards and group activities, and submit assignments and quizzes. Some instructors prefer a more open platform like a blog. You’ll be asked to write blog posts or comment on your classmate’s work. Unlike face-to-face courses, you are not required to be online at a specific time but there are still deadlines that you have to keep in mind. Your instructors are readily available by phone or by email, while some even have regular office hours online. Online learning courses create an interactive environment that fosters collaborative study.

Please visit the Distance Learning Courses and Programs page for more information.

Off-Campus Cohorts

Some departments at UBC offer their courses off-campus within a specific geographic region to make them accessible to those who might not be able to attend classes on campus. These specific sets of courses are delivered on a fixed schedule and you will attend classes with other students as a group. Known as off-campus cohorts, these are usually face-to-face classes with some having online components. Programs that follow this approach are designed to run part-time, allowing you to complete your studies for an extended period. You have the opportunity to be a part of a developing community of learners with common interests.

Off-campus cohorts are organized by various departments at the Faculty of Education and are promoted by their Professional Development & Community Engagement unit. For a list of current and upcoming offerings, please visit the PDCD.