Why Distance Learning?

girl-bookWhy take an distance learning course or program? Instead, ask yourself the question, “how do I want to learn?”

Without the need to be on campus, distance learning enables you to have a flexible study schedule. It allows you to learn whenever and wherever you are. Distance learning helps you balance your education with family, career, and everything else you do in life.

Each program and course is different. You have an option to choose from participating in an online classroom, studying independently, or joining regular off-campus cohorts.

Rest assured that UBC strives to create the same quality learning environment even at a distance. You can take the same world-renowned programs and innovative courses taught by UBC faculty and instructors, and will have access to an extensive library of resources. No matter how you choose to learn, you are a part of the UBC community.

Distance learning is more than just taking a course off-campus, it is a way to learn.