Apply & Register

Each online learning provider has different application and registration procedures. Please follow the links below for specific information:

Student Classifications

Students will be admitted and allowed to register for distance learning courses or programs under different student classifications as outlined below.


Regular students are those admitted to UBC, on either a full-time or part-time basis, and are planning to graduate with a degree or diploma. Everyone from undergraduates to master’s students who want to complete a UBC degree will be classified as a regular student. You will follow the same admissions procedure as any prospective student. If you’re planning to take a graduate program, visit the individual program’s website for special admission requirements.


Qualifying students register for courses in preparation for a graduate or professional program.


If you are a student registered from another recognized university, you can take UBC online learning courses and credit them to your program.


Students on exchange at UBC, from a Senate-approved exchange program, will be able to take an online learning course if their courses are for a degree program in their home university.


Unclassified students are those taking courses, either online or on-campus, that do not lead to a particular degree or diploma.


You will be classified as a preparatory student if you take non-credit, non-degree courses that helps you prepare for admission into an undergraduate degree program.

Access Studies

You will be enrolled as an access studies student if you get approval from your Faculty (a) allowing you take a limited number of courses in a specific area to upgrade or achieve a qualification or (b) if you do not want to pursue a specific program. Most students from Thompson Rivers University Open Learning (TRU-OL) take UBC online learning courses as access studies students.


You can also audit an online learning course but your participation is limited as deemed appropriate by the instructor. You are still expected to maintain the same schedule of readings as regular students although you are not expected to write examinations.