AUDI 403 (1.5 cr): Introduction to Neurolinguistics


Course Description

AUDI 403 addresses historical and current issues in studying the neuroanatomical substrates associated with language processing including brain imaging, localization, and lateralization of language functions.

For AUDI 403 all of the following prerequisites:

  • Linguistic Theory and Analysis I or equivalent (UBC course: LING 200)
  • Linguistic Theory and Analysis II or equivalent (UBC course: LING 201)
  • Neuroanatomy or equivalent (UBC Course: AUDI 402. Note: this can be taken concurrently with AUDI 403), or permission of instructor (Contact instructor at:


For information regarding admission and registration requirements for AUDI 403, please check the website of the School of Audiology and Speech Sciences . All students must follow the registration instructions in order to be considered for registration in this course.