EOSC 315 (3 cr): The Ocean Ecosystem

The Ocean Ecosystem

Course Description

This course introduces students to life in the oceans. It will explore ocean evolution, primary producers and their links to the environment.

Not for credit in the Faculties of Science or Applied Science. No background in science or mathematics is required.

Student Profile

Ian Law, 4th year Commerce student

Ian Law

“With the professor, we were able to discuss class topics and issues through email.”

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Intended Student

This course will be of interest to those who want to broaden their understanding about the biological functionings of Earth’s ocean environment. This course is suitable for the non-science student who wants a survey of the marine ecosystem.

Students need not have any previous scientific background. The course is generally not open to first year students. This course provides a 3-credit senior science elective that may fulfill certain Arts degree program requirements.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • EXPLAIN biological processes in the oceans in terms of productivity, ecosystem interactions, and other biological marine resources.
  • RECOGNIZE the complex links among biological processes between land, intertidal, subtidal, deep sea and pelagic ecosystems.
  • EXPLAIN the importance of interactions between different ecosystems.
  • APPLY an evidence-based, logical, scientific approach to the inquiry and response to questions about oceanic ecosystems.
  • EVALUATE the importance and legitimacy of marine science-related issues covered in the media.
  • ARTICULATE the importance of biological oceanography to individuals and to society.

Course Content Overview

The course is presented in 6 Modules:

  1. Module A: Introduction to biological and oceanographic concepts
  2. Module B: Members of the ocean realm
  3. Module C: Introduction to marine ecology
  4. Module D: Near shore communities
  5. Module E: Surface off shore communities (epipelagic)
  6. Module F: Deep water (below the epipelagic)

Course Requirements

The requirements for this course (the basis for your Course Grade) are:

  • Three graded discussions, 15% + 2% Bonus
  • One group project, 10%
  • Four Quizzes, 35%
  • Final Exam, 40%

In addition, you must PASS THE FINAL EXAMINATION with an exam mark of at least 50%.

Course Materials

  • Online Course Notes (Lecture Notes): these are posted under “Learning Modules” on the course website Home Page
  • Textbook (required): available at the UBC Bookstore
    Castro, Peter and Michael E. Huber, Marine Biology 11th ed. McGraw-Hill Ryerson Publishing. 2018
    Etext version: ISBN: 9781260162547
    Loose-leaf version ISBN: 97812601162578
  • Supplementary readings, as needed for the group discussion

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