FNH 250 (3 cr): Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies


Course Description

The primary objective of FNH 250 is to introduce students to fundamental concepts and principles of nutrition by exploring current nutrition issues of relevance in their lives.

Course Objectives

Upon the completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • name and describe the characteristics, physiological functions,and food sources of essential nutrients;
  • discuss the adverse effects of both inadequate and excessive intakes of nutrients;
  • understand the concept of nutrient requirements and how these are translated to recommendations for intake of nutrients and foods;
  • apply your knowledge by assessing the adequacy and balance of food consumption patterns of healthy adults;
  • critically assess current nutrition fads and controversies

Course Overview

Orientation and Introductions

Possible Topics/Problems

  • Stephanie’s Eating Habits
  • Butter or Margarine? Olive Oil or Canola?
  • The Vegetarian Athlete
  • Eating Well for Optimal Health
  • Reviewing Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating
  • Mediterranean Survivor
  • The West Coast Trail

Course Work

This is a distance education course with no formal meeting time. The FNH 250 Canvas site (canvas.ubc.ca) will be your main learning and communication resource. Learning objectives, course notes, discussions and assignments and quizzes will be posted on the Canvas site. You will be assessed through two assignments (a written report and an analysis of your diet using the Diet & Wellness Software), three graded quizzes, an online discussion, and a closed-book in-person final exam.


Quizzes (3 @ 5%)
Assignments (2 @ 15%)
Discussion board
Final exam

Learning Resources

The materials for this course consist of the FNH 250 canvas website (which contains the course notes, practice and graded quizzes, assignments and discussion boards), textbook and diet analysis software (available as package at the UBC Bookstore). You will also be able to communicate with your instructor at any time via email or the course discussion boards.

  • Whitney, Rolfes, Hammond and Piche. Understanding Nutrition 2nd Can. Ed., Wadsworth Publishing, ISBN: 9780176531546
  • MyDiet Analysis 10th Ed., ISBN: 9780538495097

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