LAW 504 (5 cr): Property Law

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Course Description

This course introduces the conceptual foundations of property, the basic principles of property law, and the legal regime that regulates land ownership and the transfer of interests in land in British Columbia. At the outset, it asks students to consider the nature, sources and justifications of private property. It also introduces the idea that property is an evolving social institution, one that is defined by its social, legal, historical, and even geographical contexts. The course then works through the common law and statutory frameworks that regulate land ownership in the common law jurisdictions in Canada, with particular focus on British Columbia. This includes analysis of: the physical dimensions of land ownership; the doctrine of tenure; freehold and leasehold interests; Aboriginal title; equitable interests; shared ownership; security interests such as mortgages; covenants and easements; and the land title registration system.


Students will be evaluated on the basis of class participation, quizzes, and mid-term and final examinations.

LAW 504 Course Author: Professor Doug Harris is a full time member of the Allard School of Law.

LAW 504 Course Instructor: Michael Litchfield.


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