LAW 505 (5 cr): Canadian Public Law

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Course Description

This course will provide an overview of Canadian Public Law. Students will become familiar with the foundations of Canada’s legal system, the Canadian constitution, and the role of law in Canadian society.

The first part of the course will review the foundations of Canadian law and the division of powers between the Federal and Provincial governments. The second part of the course will focus on several rights and freedoms delineated in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The third part of the course will provide a brief introduction to how Canadian law regulates the relationship between Aboriginal peoples and the Canadian state. Throughout the course, students will be required to think critically about the Canadian legal system, and will gain insight into the relationship between law, public policy, and administration in Canada. Students will also be encouraged to make comparative analyses between the Canadian legal system and the legal systems in their home states.


Students will be evaluated on the basis of class participation, mid-term writing assignment/s, and a final examination.

LAW 505 Course Author: Dr. Patricia Cochran teaches and researches in the areas of constitutional law, the law of evidence, and legal and political theory.


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