LAW 508D (4 cr): Business Organizations

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Course Description

This is a survey course providing an introduction to the law of corporations and partnerships in British Columbia, although reference will be made to laws in other jurisdictions. You will be introduced to some of the more significant legal policies, principles and provisions that apply to several of the forms through which business activity is carried on.

The preponderance of course time will be devoted to the corporate form principally because it has the greatest impact on our lives and brings into sharp relief the opportunities and costs of economic activity. Moreover, it and the law surrounding it provide a useful counterpoint to partnerships and the law that governs them. There will be minimal coverage of securities law.

There are several pedagogically motivated devices that recur in the course. We will focus throughout on the contrasts between the forms of companies, partnerships and proprietorships. We will regularly attempt to highlight “ethical” issues including, but not limited to, the lawyer’s professional responsibilities and fiduciary duties.


Students will be evaluated on the basis of class participation, writing assignments, and a final examination.

LAW 508D Course Author: Jon Festinger Q.C. is an Adjunct Professor of the UBC Faculty of Law.

LAW 508D Course Instructor: Raewyn Brewer.


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