LAW 525 (5 cr): Canadian Criminal Law & Procedure

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Course Description

This distance education course is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the key concepts of criminal responsibility and the criminal justice system in Canada. We will begin by examining the relationship between the sources of criminal law, how to interpret the Criminal Code, the burden and standard of proof in a criminal trial, the role and responsibilities of criminal lawyers, as well as pre-trial and trial procedure. The elements of offences, modes of liability, and defences will also be covered in detail. An overview of the purposes of sentencing and range of sentencing options will conclude the course.


The evaluation in this course is comprised of an assessment of participation (i.e. completion of end-of-unit quizzes and meaningful contribution to online discussion activities), a mid-term assignment, and a final examination.

LAW 525 Course Author: Associate Professor Benjamin Perrin is a full time member of the UBC Faculty of Law.

LAW 525 Course Instructor: Samantha Davey.


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