PSYC 300A (3 cr): Abnormal Psychology

Course Description and Prerequisites

This course examines the nature of abnormal psychology with emphasis on factors that contribute to the origin, symptoms, maintenance, and treatment of behaviour disorders.

Prerequisite: Either (a) PSYC 100, or (b) all of PSYC 101, PSYC 102, or (c) 6 credits of 200-level Psychology (but not 205 or 263).

Course Objectives

This course provides an overview of psychopathology. It approaches psychological disorders from an evidence-based and biopsychosocial perspective. Coverage will include signs and symptoms of psychopathology, etiological theories, and biological and psychosocial treatments for psychological disorders.

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Describe and compare different theories of how mental disorders develop and can be treated
  • Identify the important features of the most common mental disorders
  • Discuss relevant theoretical factors as they apply to current issues in mental health

Course Content

There are 12 units in this course, covering classification, research methods, paradigms of mental illness, specific psychological disorders (e.g., anxiety disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, etc.), and ethical and legal issues. Each unit has corresponding material on the course website and readings in your online textbook.

Course Format

PSYC 300A is an online course that is delivered via Canvas.

Each unit in the course follows a similar structure:

  1. Read and watch lecture videos and related content in each module
  2. Read assigned textbook chapter
  3. Engage in online discussions (4-5 over the course of the term)
  4. Take quizzes (5 over the course of the term)


5 quizzes on lecture material (not textbook chapters)


4-5 mandatory discussions


Midterm exam
Format is multiple choice, short answer, short essay


Final exam
Format is the same as midterm exam



*This course will require you to use ‘Proctorio’. Proctorio is an online invigilation tool that monitors your activities while writing an online exam. You will write in your own private space and will need a Windows or Mac desktop or laptop computer that has a working microphone and webcam to use Proctorio.



Abnormal Psychology 18th ed. (Interactive Ebook) with Revel Access Card
Jill M. Hooley, James N. Butcher, Matthew K. Nock & Susan M. Mineka
18th ed. Pearson Education,  ISBN: 978015212172

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