PSYC 308A (3 cr): Social Psychology



Either (a) PSYC 100 or (b) all of PSYC 101, PSYC 102 or (c) 6 credits of 200-level Psychology (but not 205 or 263).

Open to students with 36 or more credits towards their degree.

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Chris Wirth, 4th year Psychology Major

Chris Wirth

PSYC 308 “tied in nicely to my other coursework, as there is a fair bit of overlap among Psychology courses.”

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This course is intended to introduce students to a broad selection of theories and research in Social Psychology. Students will be introduced to major theoretical approaches in social psychology and the research methods and programs which have supported these approaches. They will also learn to critically assess and comment upon research and theory. Topics will range from intrapersonal social processes (the self and social cognition), to interpersonal and group processes (relationships, groups, and social influence), and include discussion of positive and negative forms of social behaviour (prejudice, altruism, and aggression). By the end of the course the essentially social in nature of human beings should be evident to students. Further, they should be aware of the broad application of social psychology, not only to personal lives but to many real-world problems.

Course Readings


Psyc 308A Custom Course Materials (reprint of chapters from Alcock, J.E., Carment, D.W. and S.W. Sadava. A Textbook of Social Psychology, 6th Edition, 2005.) ISBN 281000029574B

Additional Readings:

A collection of current directions readings will also be provided accessible online through e-journals.

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