PSYC 315 (3 cr): Childhood and Adolescence


Course Goals and Description

Welcome to Psychology 315!

The primary goal for this course is to provide you with a foundation in child development from early childhood through adolescence. This course is only a semester long and thus it is impossible to cover in depth all of what constitutes childhood and adolescence (don’t worry, we have more courses in the department that cover other areas of child development). As such, we will focus on those areas that represent some of the most current and exciting areas of active research in the field. We will cover such topics as theories of social and cognitive development, methods of child development, gender development, moral development, intelligence and academic achievement, intergroup bias in childhood and adolescence and language development.


Either (a) PSYC 100 or (b) all of PSYC 101, PSYC 102 or (c) 6 credits of 200-level Psychology (but not 205 or 263).


  1. Class Participation. 8%
  2. Quizzes. 3 online quizzes each worth 6% of the final grade.
  3. Midterm. 1 online midterm worth 22% of the final grade.
  4. Final Exam. Final Exam will make up the remaining 52% of the final grade. This is a cumulative exam. You have to pass the final exam in order to pass this course. The Final exam will be invigilated (at UBC or a local site per arrangements made by you and the University).


How Children Develop, Fifth Canadian Edition by Robert S. Siegler, Nancy Eisenberg, Judy S. DeLoache, Jenny Saffran, Susan A. Graham. 2017

The Fourth Canadian Edition (ISBN: 9781464107801) can also be used.

PSYC315 Textbook Order Form

This is available at UBC Bookstore (note, we will not be using Launchpad. Although this is offered with the textbook the price without was the same).

Note: Launchpad is an electronic learning module that often comes packaged with the course textbook. Launchpad is not required for this course. Psyc 302 also uses the same textbook.