Faculty of Education, Professional Development & Community Engagement

The Faculty of Education at UBC is committed to making education accessible by delivering programs, courses and workshops through online and off-campus options that provide top-quality graduate and undergraduate training for educators.

The Professional Development & Community Engagement unit works collaboratively with the academic units in the Faculty of Education as well as with outside groups (such as School Districts and the Ministry of Education) to support innovative programs that respond to the learning needs of educators in British Columbia and elsewhere. Programs are delivered using a variety of formats, in convenient locations, with online options, and with schedules designed for busy Education Professionals.

Off-Campus Cohorts

One way we reach people who are unable to attend on-campus programs is by organizing M.Ed. cohorts that are delivered at off-campus locations and online. These programs are often developed in consultation with individual school districts to address the needs of the district and their educators.

Cohorts are groups of students in a specific geographical area who move through a Master’s program together. The cohort programs are unique in several ways:

  • They offer an M.Ed. degree in specialized subject areas such as Educational Administration and Leadership, Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Secondary Language Arts/English, Curriculum & Pedagogy and more.
  • They are often developed around a theme, such as Indigenous Education, International Baccalaureate, French Immersion, Digital Learning & Technology, Critical Pedagogy & Education Activism, to list a few.
  • They are taught at off-campus locations to accommodate students who would have difficulty attending courses at the UBC campus.
  • They are taught part-time over two or three years at times that accommodate the schedules of educators and other working professionals.

Online Delivery

Although many cohort programs are taught face-to-face, most also include online courses within the program, and some are 100% online (such as the Master of Educational Technology degree, the Master of Home Economics, the Master of Early Childhood Education, the Master of Adult Learning and Global Change). Delivery of online courses and programs opens new doors within the Faculty of Education, enabling students to complete a graduate degree entirely online from any location across the globe. Online delivery has allowed us to serve educators from almost every Canadian province and territory and from countries as far away as Jamaica, Hong Kong, Russia, Morocco, and New Caledonia to name a few!

Unique Benefits

Cohorts are developed by our Faculty members and academic standards are the same as those for on-campus courses. Program participants tend to be enthusiastic about the convenience and accessibility of the programs.

One unique benefit of the cohort approach is that participants who attend the program together develop strong and ongoing relationships. The result is that graduates often create a Community of Learners and become part of local communities based on common interests.


Here is a brief timeline showing the Faculty of Education’s commitment to providing accessible and innovative learning options:

1986 | the Faculty of Education began offering distance education
1996 | delivery of M.Ed. Cohort programs was launched
2002 | the first fully online Master of Educational Technology (MET) program was launched
2008 | the first online M.Ed. in Vocational Rehabilitation was launched, later delivered as a blended program
2009 | the first online M.Ed. in French Immersion was launched
2008 | the first online Master of Museum Education was launched, now delivered as a blended program
2011 | the first online Master of Home Economics Education was launched
2012 | the first online Master of Early Childhood Education was launched
2015 | the first High Performance Coaching & Technical Leadership Graduate Certificate was launched, a blended cohort program

And we don’t stop there. Every year the Faculty of Education develops approximately 15-20 new and revised online courses, in addition to delivery of the current 110+ online courses offered each academic year. Ongoing research into the professional needs of educators and the field of education drives our development and delivery of new online programs including Master’s, Diploma’s and Graduate Certificate options.

Online Courses

The Faculty of Education has a long tradition of supporting online learning. The flexibility of our course delivery has enabled thousands of UBC students to complete their programs and receive graduate degrees. Online courses are offered in the following disciplines:

  • Adult & Higher Education
  • Counselling Psychology
  • Early Childhood Education & Infant Development
  • Educational Psychology and Special Education
  • Home Economics Education
  • Language & Literacy Education
  • Teacher Librarianship