UBC offers full-credit courses and programs online at the undergraduate and graduate level. They can be taken in conjunction with on-campus classes or on there own. There are also a range of non-credit professional development courses and programs available that are world-renowned and industry-recognized.

Have you ever wondered how an online learning course works? Do you want to hear from people who have already taken one? Use the following resources to assist you in considering learning online.

Credit Courses

Courses taken for credit online can be counted towards a degree or certificate by fulfilling the requirements needed for that program. If you do not drop the course before the withdrawal deadline, it will appear on your transcript with the corresponding grade or status.

Non-credit Courses

Non-credit courses can be taken for a number of purposes. Some non-credit courses are designed to prepare students for their degree programs. Other non-credit courses are designed for those seeking to continue their studies with adult education either as part of a career development program or as a stand-alone course.