Student Profiles

Since 1949, thousands of students have taken online learning courses in various subject areas. The flexibility that online learning offers has enabled students from a variety of backgrounds and situations to earn their education without sacrificing their work or family life. We spoke with a few students and asked them about their experience with online learning. Here’s what they had to say:

Elke Hutton (Psychology and Philosophy)


Elke Hutton’s health and severe allergies became an obstacle for her to continue taking on-campus courses. Through a collaboration with her doctor, UBC, and a disability advisor, she has completed most of her degree in Psychology and Philosophy with both correspondence and online courses. Read more…

Astrid St. Pierre (Rehabilitation Sciences)


Astrid wrote that “I am pleased to state that my job title during and after my master’s is ‘occupational therapist’.” A dedicated practitioner, Astrid works at Vancouver Children’s Hospital in the Cardiac Sciences and Home Tracheostomy and Ventilation programs. With a focus on pediatric feeding and swallowing, it comes as no surprise that her research centred on identifying the risk of feeding and nutritional difficulties in infants with congenital heart disease. Read more…

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Rusty Childers (Creative Writing)


“I’m in a one room apartment in Gwangju, South Korea at the moment. Around midnight, the high school lets out from the top of the hill, so streams of uniformed boys and girls wander past my apartment, chatting away (or, if I’m outside, practicing their “Hello!” on me). In the morning, if there isn’t a car passing by, I can hear the giant bell at the Buddhist temple in the park down the street. That’s the best sound in the universe.”

Chelsea Oyen (Master of Educational Technology)


Watch this video on Chelsea Oyen as she shares her thoughts and experiences with the completely online Master of Educational Technology (MET) program.

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Leslie Bessey FRI, CPM®, RI (Property Management)

My course work with the UBC Real Estate Division has significantly strengthened my knowledge of the real estate industry. The courses clarified what I thought I knew, verified what I didn’t know, and reminded me of the things I had to learn. Completing the courses aided me in obtaining valuable credentials while providing confidence and support as I continue to advance in the industry.