New to Distance Learning at UBC?

Distance learning provides students with opportunities to balance their personal, professional, and educational lives. UBC Faculties and Departments offer full-credit online learning courses and programs to students.

Perhaps the greatest appeal of online learning is the flexibility it offers. As an online learner, you will have access to university credit courses without having to leave your home or your job to go to a class on campus. For many people, distance learning provides an opportunity to maintain, complete, or continue university study while working, caring for a family, or sustaining a busy life.

Although distance learning implies some separation of distance between learners and the instructor, you, your classmates, and your instructor, may just as easily be located across the campus, across the city, or across the world from one another. When studying online, you communicate with your instructor and other students in your online classroom.

Distance learning provides options in terms of where and when you learn.