Key Contacts

Advice and Guidance for Learners

Enrolment Services can assist you in the following ways:

  • Help you with course registration
  • Provide advice and guidance about online learning courses
  • Assist you with academic concessions when necessary (course extensions)
  • Schedule exams for online learning students
  • Assist you in solving course related problems

UBC Enrolment Services general contact information:

Exams Coordinator, Enrolment Services

Direct assistance for learners with any exam questions or problems.

Course Support and Materials

Susan Wong, Course Operations, CTLT

For requests related to your online course, contact the Learning Technology Hub:

If you are a student who:

  • Needs technical support for your online course
  • Has an access related question about your online course

For general technical questions about IT issues not specific to courses, contact: UBC IT Helpdesk

UBC Bookstore

Disability Resources

The UBC Access and Diversity office allows students to:

  • Access support if you have a disability or illness which may affect your studies
  • Discuss your needs for accommodation

Financial Assistance & Awards

Find out about scholarship and bursary possibilities and apply for government loans and grants.

English Language Institute


The UBC Library is the second largest research library in Canada. For more information about accessing library materials, as a distance education student, please visit the Distance Education Students section on the UBC Library website. The Library also offers reference assistance online. For more information, please visit the Ask an Expert page on the Library website.

Records & Registration – Exams Faculty Service Centre (FSC)

Exams Coordinator

Enrolment Services manages examinations for all online learning courses supported by CTLT. Online examinations are not administered by Enrolment Services, and you should contact your instructor with any questions you may have. For more information, please view the list of final exam deadlines on the Student Services website.

You may also want to review a list of exam periods, guidelines, policies, and FAQ on the Student Services website.

Find out about scholarship and bursary possibilities and apply for government loans and grants.