Starting Your Course

This section includes some useful information on what to expect and where to access certain materials you will be using for your course.

Just before the start of the course, you will receive an email notice outlining the procedure to access your online learning course, as well as other relevant details (i.e. instructor email, textbook information). Please ensure your email address entry on the Student Service Centre is correct as otherwise you might miss important information.

To log into your online course, log in to Canvas with your CWL.

Visit the Canvas blog—written by UBC students on the Canvas Project Team—for tips on things like acing Canvas quizzes and using the “What-if?” Grade tool to figure out what your hypothetical final mark in a class could be, depending on different grade scenarios.

If you have questions about Canvas, check out this list of helpful Canvas resources or the Canvas FAQ.

Course materials can be purchased through the UBC Bookstore.

Your instructor is your guide through the course content. He or she may contact you at the beginning of the course as an introduction.

At any point in the course, if you are struggling with the material or are concerned that you are not keeping up for whatever reason, it is important to contact your instructor. He or she may assist you in determining the best course of action. Sometimes your instructor will consult with Learner Support and/or Academic Advisors offering assistance to you in the distance education process.

Contact information for your instructor will be posted on the course website. If you are having difficulties reaching your instructor and don’t know why, contact Susan Wong at CTLT.

For more information about accessing library materials as an online learning student, please visit the Distance Education Students section of the UBC Library website.