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Please refer to the following table for technical assistance:

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  • CWL/Login/Password
  • Performance issues
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  • Course related issues (i.e. browser set-up)
  • Online exams release/submission
  • Course content issues
  • Canvas tools
Learning Technology Hub Support

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  • Library access
  • Proxy server authentication
  • Access to library resources

We recommend using the most recent version of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari when accessing Canvas. If you prefer to use another browser, make sure it's been updated to the most recent version. Please see the Canvas documentation on supported browsers for more information.

Support and assistance is available to students who have a disability or a specific challenge which makes learning more difficult. If you require adaptations to course materials (to accommodate visual impairments or other disabilities) you should contact the Centre for Accessibility office well in advance of your anticipated start date to discuss your requirements. The Centre for Accessibility provides support and program initiatives designed to remove barriers for students with a disability or ongoing medical condition.

For more information about online tools that can aid students with a disability, please read this article about 8 Online Tools To Help Educate Students With Disability.